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Shaping a Brighter Future for Children.

Who Are Hamann Care?

Hamann Care is a dedicated team committed to providing exceptional care to young people. Our mission is to nurture them into adulthood by equipping them with the essential skills, tools, and knowledge needed to flourish. We specialise in delivering top-tier care for children facing a variety of behavioural and emotional challenges, all within the framework of highly personalised care plans. Our focus is on empowering each child with the resources and support they need to thrive as they grow into responsible and confident individuals.

A Warm Welcome

When entering our home you will notice a calm and sensory environment thanks to carefully selected decoration, soft furnishing and lighting, which is important to achieve therapeutic surroundings.


Tailored Planning

Every care plan will be tailored individually to each young person, involving the young person and ensuring their voice is heard.

Parental Input

To have parents involved where it is possible is important both to us and the children. Working together leads to better outcomes for the children and families. At Hamann Care we have a “Parent plan” that supports our holistic approach.


Specialised Team

Our staff have been chosen after a vigorous recruitment process. Children are involved within this throughout the interview questions and the final stage visit. The staff are trained to a high level and are learning more each year.

Child centred approach

Our professional psychotherapist takes the route which works best for each child. We address issues as anger management, self-esteem, self injury, suicidal tendencies, relationships and bereavement, the list is long.

Therapeutic approach

If the child is not ready to engage in direct therapy with our psychotherapist, they will give therapeutic input in the young persons report and direction is given to the staff team which they can put into their practice and constant guidance is given.


The Children
We Care For

Our aim is to work with our young people, so that we build safe, strong relationships that combine trust, affection and comfort, along with clear behavioural expectations, boundaries and routines in order to build resilience and alternative coping strategies which they are able to adapt and develop into the next stage of their life.

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Assessment Framework

Stage 1

Pre-Admission Meeting

Stage 1:

This meeting is to determine whether it is in the best interests of the child to be placed. Impact Risk Assessment analysed and a final decision to be made in regards to the allocation of the placement.

Stage 2

Placement Meeting
(72 Hours)

Stage 2:

When the child is admitted. Initial Care plan discussed and agreed.

Stage 3

Placement Review

Stage 3:

Approximately one month after being admitted every young person will have a Placement Review. The main focus of this review is to consider if the Child is benefitting from the care plan, discussing the framework including treatment and support. The meeting will take place regularly and also look at the progress of the young person.

Stage 4

Looked After Children Review (L.A.C./ C.L.A)

Stage 4:

These meetings are held after four weeks, at the three months point and then every six months during the young person’s stay. The review should look at the young person’s care plan, their progress, any areas of concern and an agreed action plan.

After Admission is Agreed

At our homes, we prioritise the comfort and well-being of every child in our care. Before their arrival, we ensure their bedroom is clean, cosy, and inviting. A dedicated key worker is assigned to provide personalised support, and an informal meeting with this key worker is scheduled promptly. To help children understand life in our home, we provide them with a comprehensive children’s guide. If the child is content with the arrangements, we work collaboratively with them, their social worker, and key worker to create a smooth transition plan. Throughout this process, we remain vigilant and adaptable, assessing any unforeseen risks. 

Once everything aligns seamlessly, we proceed with the placement. Our children’s guide is a valuable resource, offering insights into daily routines, allowances, communication, activities, education, and channels for addressing concerns. We encourage children to ask questions, meet their fellow residents, and become acquainted with our caring staff. On the child’s first day, an induction checklist is completed, ensuring a smooth start to their journey with us. Rest assured, we also safeguard their personal belongings and healthcare needs, making their transition to our home as seamless and comfortable as possible.

Within 7 days of the placement starting there should be a placement planning meeting involving the home, the child, their family, and the placing authority. This could extend to 7 days if the young person’s social worker had to travel far. 

The purpose of the placement planning meeting is:

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